It is vital to apply the correct architecture to the problem at hand. We can work with your current system by evaluating the current architecture and offering clear recommendations for improvement, or we can build up a new architectural design from scratch based on the goals of your system.


With decades of experience in multiple languages and platforms, we can provide on-demand or long-term development support for your project. Java, C, SQL, various scripting languages are all well-supported by our team. Contact us for a conversation about your needs and how we might be able to help.

Modeling and Sim

Do you have the need to model a system or develop a simulation to characterize a complex system? We can help.

Java Development

Deep experience in Java and related technologies. We can work with your existing codebase or build a new application from the ground up.

Custom Low-Code Solutions

We have experience with many popular tools and technologies. Many of these solutions are great if you and your team want to take ownership of a tool and manage it in a low-code or no-code manner. We can help you get started and hand off an easy-to-maintain solution that meets your needs. Examples of tools and technologies we have worked with in the past:

  • Zapier: Trigger jobs based off of emails, document edits, Stripe notifications, etc in order to kick off automated workflows.

  • Glide Apps: Public or private apps built with drag-and-drop editing backed by a traditional spreadsheet for easy management.

  • Google Suite with App Scripts: Custom scripts that operate on your google documents and spreadsheets to make your tasks much easier.

  • Many more...